We are looking for an experienced data analyst that can support and accelerate our product development and marketing efforts, and ultimately the growth of our company. You will have a vital role in our growth team and help us better understand and predict the behavior of our users, identify frictions on our website and apps, and optimize our acquisition of new users. Your ultimate goal is to provide the team with insights that allow them to build a better platform focused on having families and babysitters finding the best match in the fastest way possible. This is a part-time job with flexible hours, in the center of Amsterdam.

Who and what is Sitly?

Sitly is an online network where parents, babysitters, and childminders can find each other in their area. Sitly has millions of users, we are currently live in 12 countries in Europe, Latin America, and Canada, and we have plans to move to more countries. Our network expands every month with around 150 – 200 thousand additional users. We have a small, motivated team, based in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Ukraine, and most of the countries we operate in. 

What you will do

Our development strategy is almost entirely based on running experiments of different versions of our interface and features to determine what our users need. 

These experiments are run by our growth team, in which you will play a vital role. Your job will be to collect, organize, and perform analysis on our users and platform to gain insights that allow the team to generate ideas for these experiments. We already have a vast pool of data, but we will also rely on you to apply new tools to gather further data we might need to answer all the questions we have. Additionally, we need help with reporting and interpreting the results of the experiments we run. Finally, your task is to set up dashboarding: ways for our team to easily check the latest key metrics, so they are always top-of-mind when we need to make strategic decisions. 

A typical day for you

During the Covid pandemic, things have changed quite a bit. Luckily our team is very used to working remotely, and we have a good structure set up for that. Under normal circumstances, however, your day would look something like this:

You arrive at our office. You grab a quick coffee, and you’re greeted by the team. You open up Slack and see if there are any urgent messages to follow up on. The weekly growth meeting then starts. You’re up second and show us the latest data on our ‘North star metric’ and other important growth metrics. After that, we discuss the results of the experiments of the week before, and you are able to give a lot more context to them. You join the rest of the team for a healthy lunch. After lunch, you work on a few questions from a team member, and on updating our main dashboard, and then leave to enjoy the rest of your day. The next day you decide to work from home because this fits better into your personal schedule. 

Your skills

  • You are easy-going, a fast learner, good with feedback and you do well in an informal work atmosphere.
  • At least 3 years of experience with data and statistical analysis.
  • You are tech-savvy: You understand how data can make a huge difference in the growth strategy of an internet company. 
  • Your knowledge of data capturing extends far beyond the basic functionality of Google Analytics. Preference goes out to someone that has experience with Microsoft PowerBI, SQL and Kibana
  • You have excellent written and verbal communication skills, and you are fluent in English.

What we offer

  • A great job where you learn a lot and get to be a part of a fun, kind, informal, but very motivated team, and where you get a chance to make a real impact.
  • You will be thé data expert in a fast-growing scale-up, you’ll be involved in all aspects of the business and will have an immediate impact on Sitly’s growth.
  • Flexible hours: We believe it’s very important for all team members to have a healthy work-life balance
  • A competitive salary


For more information or a general chat about the role, please apply! We want to start interviews as soon as possible. Don’t tick all the boxes, but think you’d still be a great match for this job? Please don’t hesitate to apply!

Send your application to jules@sitly.com