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Sitly is a platform that connects families with babysitters and childminders. It was founded in 2009 by Jules van Bruggen, who, as a parent himself saw a need for this service. Sitly has become the largest babysitting website in the Netherlands with over 270000 registered babysitters and parents.

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Sitly was founded in 2009 and has become the fastest growing international platform that connects families with babysitters and childminders, making flexible and affordable at-home child care possible. More than a million registered families, babysitters and childminders in 7 different countries are using Sitly today.The objective of Sitly is to allow parents to arrange childcare in flexible way where children are at home in their trusted environment.

Can others see my personal details?

Only your first name and photo are visible to others. Your address details remain hidden and are not visible to others.

Are parents, babysitters and childminders screened by Sitly?

Sitly can be seen as an online meeting place. We do regularly check that no inappropriate messages are posted, but despite this we advise parents themselves to be selective with the contacts available on Sitly. We advise you to be careful when making a selection, for example by asking for references from babysitters and childminders, and by having a getting-to-know-you meeting in order to develop an accurate impression of each other.
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Sitly was founded by Jules van Bruggen after he discovered how hard it was to find reliable child care for his newborn son. “We were experiencing a lot of difficulty finding the right care. It took us a year before we found a daycare that still had a spot left, and in the meantime we were in desperate need of babysitters.”

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